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Personalized Webpage Add Ons, Perks & Process

Your personalized BNB webpage includes:

QR Code for page, Extended Description (Up to 60 Characters, BNB Life T-shirt & Sticker (One Time), Custom URL, Social Media Backlinks, Digital Travel Map, FREE 1 Year Near My BNB Digital Host & Guest Subscription

Home office

Un-Branded Webpage

Bye Bye Branding. Have your website page free and clear of Near My BNB logos, sponsored backlinks and advertisement except BNB Life links

City Map with Braille

Digital Travel Map

Give your guests access access to the Digital Travel Map surrounding your BNB, instead of them needing to be a 

A map buildout of your hosting territory that consists of 2 places to eat and 2 places of entertainment

Image by Solen Feyissa

Google Business Listing

Boost your BNB's visibility and reach more travelers with Near My BNB's expert Google Business listing service. We'll help you create a prominent online presence to attract guests and enhance your property's appeal.


Add On

Custom Icon Mapping

Personalized categories of icons set up for your special guests (Golf courses, rocket launch viewing points, murals, beaches and so on)

Process & Procedure for Landing Pages


Once your personalized BNB landing page is purchased, we will start on it right away but we will need your help. Please make sure to fill out the form with all of your BNB information. The process usually takes 1-2 weeks for all customized pages. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to reach us at

Make sure to check out the latest BNB Life Episode & Merch while your waiting.

Landing pages are active as long as your subscription is :)

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