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Experience Badges


A BNB Badge on is a recognition and achievement system for our users, including guests, hosts, and businesses. It's a way to showcase and celebrate certain accomplishments and attributes related to their BNB experience.

Not sure which badges you've already achieved or want to achieve as a host, guest or business?


Here's how it works:

Guest Badges: Guests can earn badges by signing up on as a guest and achieving specific milestones during their stays. These badges serve as a testament to their unique and memorable experiences, such as "x10 Badge" for trying out various BNBs in one year or "Foodie Badge Level 1" for trying out multiple eateries while out at your BNB. ​ Host Badges: Hosts have the opportunity to purchase badges for their BNB listings. To do this, they engage in a live-streamed conversation where they walk through their property, pointing out special features or attributes that make their listing unique. Another way is to fill out the form below for badges that do not need visual confirmation like the "Beach Badge" that only needs form verification of distance from their BNB to the beach. This creates a customized badge for their BNB, complete with a landing page and QR code. These badges help their listings stand out and attract more guests. Business Badges: Businesses can also purchase custom badges for their services on These badges come with their own landing page, providing valuable exposure to our user base. In essence, BNB Badges are a fun and engaging way for our community members to showcase their achievements and unique qualities, making it easier for guests to discover the best BNBs and services on our platform. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

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Bonus Badge 1. When posting your experience photos, tag @NearMyBNB on Facebook, X(Twitter) or Instagram for a digital bonus badge, badge sticker & BNB Life Sticker. 2. Make sure to add these hashtags so we can find it #NMBNB & #BNB Life 3. This has to be done after the purchase of the original experience badge and within a 3 days of badge verification submittal 4. Digital badges and sticker for this bonus are FREE, stickers will be sent with original experience badge package

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