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Obtain this badge by creating a custom badge for your business that BNB guests can enjoy



  • A business landing page on (Example
  • A digital badge to display on your Near My BNB business advertisement listing or landing page
  • 10% off select BNB Business Products - Discounted Products

Custom Business Badge

  • To verify this badge, please CLICK HERE and fill out the form on the next page

    This badge can be created by itself (comes with a landing page and QR code) or a party to your advertisement on the website

    Business logo or image will be created for you

  • Custom created badges will receive one design and one edit. Initial designs and additional edits take anywhere from 1-3 weeks each. Additional edits will be invoiced at $100 USD each. Purchasers of said custom badges only have the rights to use the images for promotion but NOT FOR SALE unless agreed upon by NearMyBNB in a written contract. 

    Landing pages that come with this badge are not seen on Near My BNB Guest member directories. These landing pages are resource pages for the business to use but not entitled to any additional promotion from or through NearMyBNB

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